Welcome to United Coin Machine Co. We invite you to explore our website for a glimpse of what the future in locals-oriented gaming will bring. From the incredible abilities of our interactive Gamblers Bonus Advantage product to the amazing features found in our Game Tender player tracking software, there are advancements and surprises around every corner. No other Nevada route operator invests as much time and effort into the development of new technologies as we do, so there’s an awful lot to see.

And although United Coin is the only Nevada route operator to design and produce so many of our own technologies (including our own gaming machine, the remarkable Power Vision), we do so with one primary focus – the success of our partner locations. We own no competing bars, taverns or convenience stores, and not one of our many thousands of gaming machines is operating on any property even partially owned by United Coin. After all, we are first and foremost a route operator, and we take pride in that fact more than any other. For our entire route we are, in each and every way, exactly what our motto represents -
Your True Gaming Partner!

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